Two Fingers Joan of Arc 500ml


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Joan of arc was born Jan 1412, a peasant girl in eastern France. France at the time was being invaded by the English with support from the French Burgundians. Apparently in 1424, the wee lassie started having visions from God, whom, it would seem, was in support of Charles VII claim to the throne. Now the English, unaware of Gods political affiliation, lost several battles to Joan’s teenage leadership of the French army. Eventually, captured by the Burgundians and burned at the stake for heresy in May 1431 at the age of 19. Her bones were burned 3 times over to ensure nothing was left, for souvenirs I guess.

Name Joan Of Arc Smoked Pilsner
Brewery Two Fingers Beers
Style Pilsner
ABV 5.7%
IBU Unknown

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