Mantecore Hazy IPA


“Ladies and Gentleman, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for…”

A hush swept over the crowd as Nash the Mashmaster took the stage, his voice extending into the silence.

A low growl sounded from backstage.

Mantecore is ready. But are you ready?!” Nash screamed, revealing long teeth stained green with hop resin.

“Lager Malt and Wheat” he counted on his outstretched fingers. "Nelson Sauvin, Southern Cross, Taiheke, and then MORE Sauvin!” he giggled manically.

Suddenly a ruckus erupted from behind the velvet curtain behind him and the smile widened on Nash the Mashmaster's face...

“The Mantecore is out. And once you gaze into those eyes you will never have eyes for another…"

Hoppiness: 3.5/5

Maltiness: 3.5/5


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