Cryoville - Hazy IPA



Cryo Hop Hazy IPA

Cryoville. A place where life is simple, people are perfect, beers are always cold, and the dank scent of lupulins wafts through the air.

In Cryoville the echo of “Honey I’m Home!” rings out across town at just five each night, followed by the crack of a can being opened, and a sigh of delight upon the first sip.

This juice-bomb hazy IPA features the cryo versions of two of our favourite American
hops: Citra and Mosiac.
The result is a full-flavored hazy IPA with citrus, stone fruit, and melon notes.

Welcome to Cryoville. A utopia of all things hoppy and hazy.

ABV: 6%

Hoppiness: 4/5
Maltiness: 3/5

Enjoy a guided tasting with our head brewer Brandon

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