Session Beer Challenge - Sunday February 21st from 12pm Posted on February 09 2016

We pretend to love all our events equally. We don't. The annual Session Beer Challenge is always our favourite day at Brothers Beer, and (we think) the best beer event of the summer. Here's why:

Twenty-five of New Zealand's best breweries are creating twenty-three brand new beers, all designed to be enjoyed by you on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The best thing is, because this event is about more flavour, less booze (most beers will be under 5%), you get to try a whole load without getting loaded.

We've wrangled some extra outdoor space so we'll have plenty of room to spread out, there will be games, BBQ sandwiches from the Juke Joint (as well as a vegan option, thanks Benji), and a beer-themed vinyl set from the Hoptocrats. As always, kids and dogs are welcome

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Session Beer Challenge - Sunday February 21st from 12pm poster